Image Comparison Software

Unparalleled and Versatile

Nothing matches Accuview Imaging's cutting-edge photo comparison software for creating consistent, easy to manage and review cloud base image viewing.

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AccuView Imaging’s proprietary state-of-the art image comparison and measurement software is a total image solution for exceptional photos of the entire body: face, neck, chest, abdomen, and legs.

The AccuView Imaging System is perfect for offices to share quantifiable progress with clear, consistent, high-definition photos. The System allows for photos to be taken effortlessly, relieving stress on your staff and increasing trust with your patients. You will find the Complete AccuView Imaging System easy to use, intuitive, and asset for communicating with your clients.

Use Photos to Build Your Practice

  • Powerful tool during patient consultation
  • Archives patient progress
  • Minimize refunds
  • Records for legal liability
  • Reproducible for websites, articles, and social marketing

Total Body Imaging Solution:

  • Skin Imaging
  • Facial Comparison
  • Chest Comparison
  • Body Sculpting Measurements
  • Total Body Photography

Consistent Before & After poses are key to providing images that allow your patients to see their progress. With the AccuView Imaging Software and accessories, you will be able to make consistent photos every time.


  • On-screen grid system lets your office easily position your client with “Extreme Accuracy”
  • Transparent image over-lay: sometimes known as “Ghosting”, allows you to use your clients' past image as an overlay so you can accurately position the clients after photo. Therefore, once the patient has been photographed you can use “their past images” to match up the next time they come in.
    • Patient poses for specific treatments
    • On-screen reminders and tutorials


Creating a unique set of poses to meet your specific needs is easy. The software allows you to build a customized set of positions/templates that are specific for a procedure or product.

Important option for studies, presentations and publications.


The software connects with the camera which automats settings to captures and deliveries excellent photos.

For clinical studies customize lighting options are available.

AccuView’ s experienced staff can analyze your current photosystems and work within your needs.

Photo Management

Our Photo management software stores and organizes photos so they can easily be shared and used. It is a straight forward solution that can be integrated into your office network and other tools to improve workflows as well as content creation.

Every patient has a unique ID that the office creates. Viewing and retrieval options are easy. Retrieve by name, ID, procedure and other data that is important to your office making photo’s easy to maintain and share. We automate photo’s in a more organized way which is an essential component of your business success.

Instant Photo Access

View patient photos anytime, anywhere on any device including iPad, tablets, and iPhone. This allows you to consult with a patient in private or a consultation room, instead of in a photo room. Your image capturing system will be free to use for the next patient.

  • Your images are easy to access from our secure cloud-based storage. The AccuView Image Vault streamlined photo management system saves your office valuable time.
  • Print and/or email personalized PDF reports of Before and After photos to your clients
  • Include your office logo and products or procedures on the PDF of the photo’s

State-of-the-Art Image Comparison and Measurement Software to match your office needs.

Powerful Software that Measures Results

An excellent tool for treatments in the submentum, abdomen, arms, and thighs.
Your office will be able to quantify the results of body contouring treatments with “Extreme Accuracy”.

  • Circumferential measurements for body sculpting
  • Area (this is a great tool for procedures under the chin, arms, etc.)

Create a PDF personalized history report that includes:

  • Before and After images
  • Comparative Measurements
  • Your Office Logo
  • Brand of Treatment

This creates a tremendous marketing tool for your office, providing your client photos for them to share with their family and friends.

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Great software requires great hardware.

AccuView's Complete Imaging Solutions

AccuView's Imaging System is a turn-key solution, that includes everything you will need to get started taking great Before & After images. The complete system comes with a computer, a high-resolution camera, a custom-built rolling cart, AccuView Imaging's proprietary software, and training. Within an hour of receiving your system, you and your staff will be taking great photos of your patients.