Proprietary Software

AccuView Imaging Proprietary Software

Easy To Use

Intuitive: No photography experience needed

  • Reproducible patient poses are easily produced with photo scripts/templates that guide you to accurately position the patient. In addition, once the patient has been photographed you can use their image to match up the next time they come in.
  • Customize a set of templates that are specific for a procedure and your office. It is quite simple to create a unique set of poses to meet your specific needs.
  • Lighting is consistent with the AccuView Imaging system automated settings capturing excellent photos

Super Nova with Stylist
Nova held in hand by woman

Easy To View

Nothing matches our cutting-edge software when it comes to viewing and managing photos. AccuView Imaging is the exclusive provider of cloud base viewing.

Every patient has a unique patient ID that the office creates. Retrieval is easy by name, ID, search option, by procedure and other data that is input by your office.

Viewing patient photos at any time anywhere. Before and After photos appear instantly. This allows you to consult with a patient in privacy in a consultation room instead of in your photo room. Your imaging system will be free to use for the next patient.

  • Print and/or email PDF’s personalized reports of their Before and After images
  • Your office logo is on the PDF

People understand visual results.

Measure Results

Proprietary Circumferential, Linear and Area Measuring Tools
Utilizing the Galaxy or the Super Nova Imaging Systems

A powerful tool to Quantify the results of body contouring treatments with “Extreme Accuracy”.

An excellent tool for treatments in the submentum, abdomen, arms and thighs.

Create a PDF personalized history report that includes:

  • Before and After images
  • Comparative Measurements
  • Your Office Logo
  • Brand of Treatment
  • Capacity to email and/or print

This creates a tremendous marketing tool provided to the patient for them to share with their family and friends.

AccuView Report with White Label