Super Nova

Super Nova Imaging System

Solution for a smaller space while still offering a total image solution for Before & After photos of the face, body and legs.

Increase patient satisfaction with exceptional Before & After photo’s which can translate into closing more complementary procedures. Perfect for offices that require excellent photos with limited space. Effortlessly software can be learned and integrate into an office.

  • Utilizes the Microsoft Surface Pro rear-facing autofocus camera with 1080p HD video.
  • Reproducible: Patient poses are easily produced with photo scripts and templates that guide you to accurately position the patient. In addition, once the patient has been photographed you can use their image to match up for after procedure photos.
  • Customizable Poses: A set of templates that are specific for a procedure and your office. It is simple to create a unique set of poses to meet your specific needs.
  • Intuitive: No photography experience needed.
  • Portable: System easily moves from room to room and does not require a dedicated photo room.

Nova held in hand by woman

AccuView Newest Evolution utilizing your AccuView as a Hand-Held Option

  • Superior Imaging in a hand-held and portable solution for small spaces or multi rooms for excellent Before & After photos.
  • Offers the innovative AccuView Nova software for automated taking and viewing Before & After photos.
  • The perfect on the go solution for travel, the OR, or lectures.

Facial Imaging

Body Sculpting


Chest Imaging

Handheld Unit

Microsoft Surface Pro

Super Nova - AccuView's Newest Handheld Unit

AccuView’s newest unit the Super Nova is the perfect portable handheld solution from multiple doctors in your office. Unlike the Galaxy this unit has a table stand. It puts all the power of the AccuView software in the palms of your hands.

This is the most compact solution for your office. Microsoft Surface Pro has more than enough power to produce perfect facial and body area images while taking advantage of the Microsoft Surface Pro HD camera.


Microsoft Surface Pro with HD camera and AccuView’s power packed proprietary software.


This unit is perfect for growth in the future. It can be upgraded to the Galaxy rolling system with all the bells and whistles we are known for.


Powered by the Microsoft Surface Pro and the built-in HD camera, you will have all the power that you need for great facial and selected body area imaging.

AccuView Imaging Vault

Cloud Based and secured storage for your patients’ high-resolution images and readily accessible for quick recall throughout your office.

Handheld and Portable

This handheld and portable unit is perfect for small rooms/offices. The perfect solution for personal units for multiple doctors in your office.