Measuring Tool

AccuView Measuring Tool

State-of-the-Art Software Measures Results

Circumference, Area, or Linear Measurements
A Necessary Tool for Body Contouring Procedures …. Measure Your Results:

A powerful tool to Quantify the results of body contouring treatments with “Extreme Accuracy”.

An excellent tool for treatments in the submentum, abdomen, arms and thighs.

Attract new clients with easy to understand visual measurement results.

Easily create and print a personalized report with office logo and a treatment logo for the patients to take home and see their exact results or can easily be emailed.

Measuring Tool Side areas

Cutting Edge Imaging Software

Quick side by side comparisons of oldest to newest photos with one click. Custom compare functions allow you to compare any two photos. Use any of the comparisons in other applications like power point, photo shot, etc.

Proprietary software delivers high-resolution photography delivering outstanding, consistent photos.

Report Visual Changes with Before & After Photos

Report Using Area, Linear and Circumferential Measuring

Reports showing cumulative changes

Percent Change Report

Customize System with your Logo

Measure Your Results; Proof in Images

Attract new clients with easy to understand visual measurement results. Print beautiful, personalized reports to educate your patients on how your practice can enhance their aesthetics.
circumferential measurement orange on white


Area Measurement Orange on White


Linear Measurments



AccuView’s cutting edge software give you all the capability you will need on any device in your office.


This software can be added to any device you int he office and our FAQs section has information about getting more out of our software.

Accurate Reporting

Our software is about to give you the most accurate most reporting in the industry. Linear measurement report in inches and Centimeter and Area measuring in percentage.

AccuView's Imaging Vault

Cloud-Based and secured storage for your patients and readily accessible for quick recall.

Body Sculpting

Our “extreme accuracy” allow you to review body sculpting treatment in many areas.