Hair Restoration Imaging


Count Hair Follicles with AccuView Macro Imaging solution

Quantifiable methods for the analysis of human hair growth and hair loss are necessary for patients seeking guidance. Patients with hair loss are not necessarily bald and the effects of treatment attempts can be hard to measure. Consequently, there is a need to determine whether the patient is a good candidate for Hair Restoration.

With AccuView, your team will be able to zoom in with the Macro lens attachment to get a clear image of each hair follicle. With the AccuView Imaging software, your office will be able to provide quantifiable proof of hair loss and hair restoration.

The “Aquarius” for Imaging Hair

Comprehensive Tool for Candidate Assesment

The Hair Restoration Accessory and software is designed to provide a comprehensive tool for each practitioner to use in the Hair Consultation room. Providing the patient an accurate and crucial assessment of their hair.

Superior Assessment of Hair Growth

Utilizing a 1 or 2 cm2 field, the Hair Restoration Accessory Software the medical imaging technician is able to clearly and definitively count and store each individual follicle as well as accurately access the number of hairs per follicle or the size of the follicles for a superior overall assessment of hair growth.

Rapid Access to Analysis

The AccuView Imaging HR Software is the first cloud-based system with proprietary software for hair follicle evaluations. All images are stored in secured AccuView Image Vault in the cloud. This gives you the ability to access images on most mobile devices anywhere you are.

Intuitive to Use

The hardware coupled with the proprietary software, specific for hair restoration needs, has been designed for ease of use. The software is smartly designed so each user can provide patient hair valuation and documentation within minutes.

Follicle Count
The system can count the hair follicles in this 1 cm wide area with special AccuView imaging scope and software.

Hair restoration by FUE or PRP is one of the fastest growing segment of the market

Hair transplant is an increasingly popular treatment for hair loss

Practice Census Results 2017

  • The total market size for hair restoration surgery has increased by 64% since 2014, from $2.5 billion to $4.1 billion in 2016.
  • 635,189 hair restoration procedures worldwide in 2016. Surgical restoration procedures have increased by 60% since 2014.

Other notable trends and facts from the ISHRS Practice Census survey include:

  • In 2016, more than half of both male and female surgical patients worldwide fell between the ages of 30 to 49 years old, 59.7% and 59.0% respectively.
  • In 2016, ISHRS members treated a higher percentage of men with surgical hair restoration procedures (85.7%) than women (14.3%).

*ISHRS practice census 2017


Microsoft Surface Pro with HD camera with Macro Lens and AccuView's power-packed proprietary image assessment software.


This unit is perfect for the future growth of your business. It can be upgraded to the Galaxy system with ease.


Powered by the Microsoft operating system and AccuViews Macro imaging device, digital images are taken of the scalp with a specially developed camera optics system accessory.

AccuView Image Vault

Cloud-Based and secured storage for your patients' high-resolution images and readily accessible for quick recall throughout your office.

Handheld and Portable

This portable unit is perfect for small rooms/offices. The perfect solution for personal units for multiple doctors in your office.