The Galaxy Imaging System

Total Image solution for Outstanding Photos of the Face, Body and Legs

Perfect for offices that require excellent photos and can be effortlessly learned and integrated into your practice.

Increase patient satisfaction with exceptional Before & After photos which can translate into additional complementary procedures in the future.

  • Reproducible patient poses are easily produced with photo scripts/templates that guide you to accurately position the patient. In addition, once the patient has been photographed you can use their image to match up the next time they come in.
  • Customize a set of templates that are specific for a procedure and your office’s specific needs.
  • Lighting is consistent with the AccuView Imaging system’s automated settings, capturing excellent photos.
  • 18-megapixel camera provides razor sharp pictures
  • Intuitive: No photography experience needed.
  • Adjustable camera slide to adapt to your patient height requirements or type of procedure.
  • Camera can be set from 2 feet to 6 feet height
  • Portable: System easily moves from room to room and does not require a dedicated photo room

Total Image Solution for All Body Areas

With only a 24″ footprint, this mobile system accommodates a Microsoft Surface Pro computer with AccuView’s state-of-the-art software and a Canon high-resolution DSLR camera with a zoom lens.

Total Image solution for all areas of the body:

  • Facial Imaging
  • Facial and Chest
  • Body Sculpting
  • Total Body Photography

You are now able to create a unique set of poses to meet your specific needs.

The current images that you have on file can be easily uploaded into your password protected,  secured AccuView Imaging vault.

AccuView's Galaxy Compete Imaging Unit

Complete system comes with Computer, high-resolution Camera, rolling cart, training, and software. Within an hour of receiving our system, you and your staff will be taking great Before & After images of your patients.

Intuitive: No photography experience needed to use the AccuView Imaging system. All patient photos are stored in a secure data based program- for storage in a systematical patient file for easy retrieval and viewing


The Galaxy comes equipped with AccuView’s power packed Measuring Tool that gives you reproduce-able  and side by side comparisons.


The galaxy has a multitude of accessories to fit your office’s needs. Smartphone and tablet compatible.


The Galaxy allows you to add Canon high-resolution DSLR camera with a zoom lens.

AccuView Imaging Vault

Cloud Based and secured storage for your patients and readily accessible for quick recall throughout your office.

Medical Records

Friendly with NexTech, Patient Now, Touch MD as well as many others.