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We Make A Straightforward Affordable Imaging Solution. Our Total Imaging Solutions Delivers Exceptional Images With an Easy to Use Interface.

Super Nova - Products Page

Our newest version is tabletop or handheld and truly portable.

Galaxy - Products Page

With only a 24 inch footprint, accommodates a laptop and a Canon DSLR camera.

Hair Restoration - Products

Customize Your Unit To Fit Your Needs

Measuring Tool - Products Page

With the cutting edge AccuView Imaging Software

Our Units and Our Software Offer Lots of Capabilities

  • Easy image viewing from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Accurate images resulting in easily definable procedure results
  • Archives post-procedure progress images are date and time stamped and retains original metadata.
  • Facial Imaging, Facial and Chest, Body Sculpting, and Total Body Photography
  • Customizable sample poses
  • Compatible with smartphones and other handheld digital cameras.
  • Images can be kept on your local storage or uploaded to the AccuView Secure Online Database.
  • Grid and transparent image overlay ensures images consistency for image comparison.
  • Guide for personalization of poses for your office
  • One-click Before & After image viewing
  • Digital magnification viewing feature for zooming in on any surface area
  • Categorize Images by Date, Procedure, Product or Device
  • Include images that have consent forms on-file or by Physician, Technician and more.