Frequently Asked Question

How do I make sure the patient pictures are the same pose every time?

With AccuView you use a model photograph to align with our live view that comes through the camera lens. We provide you a few tools that can be used for this process. You can choose a Grid, or overlay “ghosting”. Then when the patient comes back for follow up photos, you can use their past photos instead of our model for alignment.

What if I have pictures I have taken in the past that I want to use?

If you have previous digital photos were taken with a digital camera, tablet, phone, or even another imaging system, our software will allow you to upload those old photos to be managed by the AccuView Image Vault. This allows you peace of mind if switching from a different imaging system or process.

If I take pictures using my own camera, can I use them with the AccuView System?

Digital images from additional sources, like a phone or tablet, can be transferred into the AccuView Desktop for storage in the AccuView Image Vault for photo management and archiving.

We recommend wireless image transfers from digital cameras with the Eyefi system:

How easy is it to use these pictures on my website and in our marketing?

AccuView never changes the file format of the images you take with our system, as some other systems do. When you are viewing your images, you can save them to your desktop or jump drive so they can be used again, anywhere you like.

In addition, there is always a copy of your photos on the local hard drive of your AccuView computer.

What happens to my past images if I stop using AccuView?

All of the images taken with the AccuView System belong to your business. At any time you are able to save all of the images to a thumb or external hard drive to retain them for your records, even if you are no longer using our system.

How big is the AccuView Galaxy System?

The system takes up about the same square footage as an office chair. The systems can easily fit through standard doors.

Is AccuView Software compatible with my EMR system?

The AccuViem Imaging Software works well with many electronic medical records(ERM) systems. We have worked very closely with NexTech, Patient Now, and Touch MD and are testing new systems as they are made available to us.

What about lighting my images and using flashes?

Our system comes complete with on-camera flash, a special flash diffuser, and a 5’x 6’ 2-sided pop-up backdrop. With these accessories, you will obtain razor-sharp images each time. Ask about our custom lighting options.

How do I fold up the back drop for storage?

Folding up the backdrop can be tricky this demonstration should help.


You can schedule a demo with us if you would like to see how using a backdrop will improve your images.

Does your system preform morphing between photos?

The AccuView Imaging system does not provide morphing capabilities in its software. You can, however, use the photos to make image morphs with alternate morphing software. 

Is the image system portable?

Absolutely! All of the AccuView Imaging systems are designed to be easily moved from room to room. The tablet can be removed and used as a handheld camera or to show images to patients.

What happens to my photos if I sell my business?

If your planning to sell your business, we can transfer your AccuView Image Vault access to the new owner.  We can also delete some or all of your photos from the Vault at your request.

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