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Micheal Blume - Blume Skin Centre
Martin Blume, DO, MBA
The Blume Skin Centre

Photos for a cosmetic practice are almost a necessity.

Documentation of the patient in before and after photos allow the individual the ability to “remember” how they looked prior to treatments. Some changes are subtle and yet when documented side by side show a real difference.

Without revealing the individual’s identity, photos also may be used to show a new patient what they can expect.

Clearskin Institute

The most difficult thing about aesthetics is not the consultation or the treatment, but rather the photography.

AccuView Image System produces great result that the patient can see and show to other people.

Your patients will be proud of their results and the fact they choose to come to you.

Dr. Diane Walder
Bay Harbor FL

Dr. Walder has given AccuView a 10 out of 10. AccuView is GREAT!

LARRY HELWIG - Clearskin Institue
Larry Helwig
Clearskin Institute

Getting consistent before/after photos from different staff taking photos has always been the challenge.  This is costly in terms of time, frustration, and marketing.

Often the patient looks as good in her before photo as her after treatment photo which can create many problems.  By getting consistent good quality photos that actually shows the improvement it eliminates discussions of refunds while giving you the best marketing

Dr. Tina Alster
Alster Tina S MD
Washington Institution of Dermatological Laser Surgery

Check back soon. Its all good.

Dr Don Griffin MD FACS
Dr. Don Griffin
Nashville Cosmetic Surgery Center

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Tahl Humes
Tahl N. Humes
Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

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