Michael Oakes

Michael Oakes

Michael Oakes
Michale Oaks has extensive experience in Global Distribution of Medical Devices, which includes success in sales and business development, building strong relationships with manufacturers, customers, and partners for mutually beneficial growth. Specialties include Develop/implement regulatory strategies for start-up companies via a “right fit” regulatory pathway.

Instrumental in Develop/manage communications with regulatory agencies (US FDA and Health Canada).

Lead development of clinical study design, including site recruitment and assessment, and study management. In addition implement Design Control and Risk Management Programs for business efficiencies to assure that source documents support of regulatory submissions and long-term compliance.

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The AccuView Imaging Team is the best in the industry and are dedicated to the satisfaction of all of our customers. Everyone on our team knows the ins and outs of every imaging unit and are able to recommend the perfect solution for your practice’s needs.

Our staff attends national trade shows and love meeting doctors and other industry professionals.  We work with these professionals to better understand their needs and refine our product for the best experience for all our clients.

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