Kris Stouffer

Kris Stouffer

Kris Stouffer - AccuView Imaging
Kris has over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales. Combining an extensive background in radio, television and working for companies such as Pulitzer Broadcasting and Gannett broadcast division. She has been responsible for strategic marketing in addition to creating marketing and sales partnerships. With her knowledge, she provides the best solutions for companies that want to align themselves with imaging. Graduated from the University of Colorado and the Leeds business school in marketing with an emphasis on finance.

The people behind AccuView

The AccuView Imaging Team is the best in the industry and are dedicated to the satisfaction of all of our customers. Everyone on our team knows the ins and outs of every imaging unit and are able to recommend the perfect solution for your practice’s needs.

Our staff attends national trade shows and love meeting doctors and other industry professionals.  We work with these professionals to better understand their needs and refine our product for the best experience for all our clients.

Satisfied Clients