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AccuView Imaging & What We Do

AccuView Imaging provides a state-of-the-art image capture and storage system with a primary focus on accurate Before & After imaging for the aesthetic marketplace. We also can help evaluate individuals with a high risk for developing melanoma and/or skin cancer.

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About Us

AccuView Imaging specializes in creating accurate and reliable Proof of Performance imaging for cosmetic surgery, body modification and melanoma and skin growth tracking industries. We manufacture and sell a proprietary hardware with software solution. It creates and maintains high-quality comparable Before & After digital images, accessible anytime through secure cloud-based storage. Our imaging systems can work from the finest hair restoration tracking to the entire skin surface of a patient.

Our goal is to provide your practice with high-quality mobile imaging solution at an affordable rate. AccuView Imaging offers the medical community a means for quality comparable imaging, and an easy secure system for storing and retrieving of photographic images via the Internet.

Accurate and comparable images are vital to a successful aesthetic practice. Providing high-quality Before & After images to your patients ensures their happiness with their procedure and the ability to share their experience with others. These images may also be used by your practice as a powerful marketing tool to grow through effective advertising, lectures, and articles.

More importantly, AccuView offers an easy-to-access archive of a patient’s progress and valuable records for legal liability, providing the most objective measure of treatment success.

Consistent Repeatable and High Quality Imaging Solution

Photo imaging for all areas of the body in one system.

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