Outstanding Before & After Photo System

Easy to Use and Optimized for Face, Body, Aesthetic and Medical Treatments

Manage & quickly view photos on a true cloud-based solution.
Smartphone & tablet compatible so you can view anywhere at any time!

The Photo Gallery Advantage

Photo Galleries are the 1st item patients look at when choosing an aesthetic office.

  • All patients are in search of the best results from the best practitioners. Your practice's photo gallery is your proof of your great reputation. Your reputation requires great Before and After photos that put your successes on display, either by you or by your clients' sharing their success.
  • With AccuView Imaging's easy to use photo-system, you will be able to take consistently clear, high-quality photos, and instantly share successful work with your patients
  • Curated photo galleries are one of the most valuable assets a patient looks at when choosing an aesthetic office and procedure.
  • Make sure your photo gallery is your greatest advantage with the AccuView Imaging system that is right for your office.

Software and Hardware that matches your practice's needs

Intuitive to Use

“NO” photography experience required Imaging system.

All patient photos are stored in a secure data-based program. Retrieval is made easy with a systematic patient filing system for easy viewing, emailing, printing, use for marketing and websites.


HD Camera provides razor sharp pictures with automated settings.

Capturing excellent photos in high-resolution. Customize a set of templates that are specific for each procedure and your office. It is quite simple to create a unique set of poses to meet your specific needs.


AccuView Imaging system’s automated settings capture excellent photos.

With the adjustable camera slide, you can adapt your camera to the patient height requirements for their type of procedure, capturing photos from consistent heights, in the best light.

Portable: With just a 24" base, the AccuView Imaging System easily moves from room to room and does not require a dedicated photo room. The system takes up the same space as an office chair, easily moving through standard doors, and making it easy to use, and store, in any room in your office. 

AccuView's Complete Imaging Solutions

AccuView's Imaging System is a turn-key solution, that includes everything you will need to get started taking great Before & After images. The complete system comes with a computer, a high-resolution camera, a custom-built rolling cart, AccuView Imaging's proprietary software, and training. Within an hour of receiving your system, you and your staff will be taking great photos of your patients.

Proprietary Software from AccuView Imaging

Eye Comparison photos

Side-By-Side Viewing

Quick and easy to view and zoom in.


One-Touch Print

PDFs with your logo and product information. There are several ways to print patient photos.

Doctor with patient on ipad


Access your photo’s from ANY-where ANY-time on ANY device.


Customizable Codes

This allows you to pull up photos by categories, procedures, and other criteria.

Study Blocks spelled out


Customized imaging system for your study, medical and scientific needs.

Mole on womans shoulder - Mole Mapping

Skin Screening

Series of pictures to keep track of changes on your skin surface known as Mole Mapping.